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We are a barn dance and ceilidh band with many years of experience as we have played at hundreds of weddings, birthdays and school events to name but a few..

We are a fun-loving toe-tapping band who enjoy playing for clients of all abilities.  We especially love bringing barn dancing to novices and experiencing the joy of beginners getting stuck in!

Your Evening With Us

A typical gig with us will be four-hours long comprising two 90-minute sets with a break for about an hour when guests are usually served food.  We are very flexible and can vary format depending on, for example, the format of your event, the weather or catering constraints.  We are able to adjust the format of the event on the night given changing circumstances!

All the dances we provide are fairly straightforward and everything is explained before each dance.  The caller will walk everyone through the dance moves at least twice before the band strikes up and the dance actually commences.  Between each dance we will play at least one other tune to ensure that guests have a chance to recover, don't get too exhausted (!) and get a chance for a good chinwag.



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